Pickleball Plus is an online framework that provides customizable private web sites for Pickleball clubs.
The framework provides these standard capabilities (public view):


The html home page content is created by the club administrator. It can be custom content or linked to an existing blog or static web site.


The calendar displays the next three months. The club administrator can define multiple events for each day. An event can have a limit of participants set, can optionally allow guests per member, and can optionally have a public viewable attendee list. The system automatically emails reminders to attendees the day previous to the event.


There can be as many document categories created by the club administrator as needed. There are an unlimited number of PDF documents that can be uploaded for each document category.


The facilities page provides Google maps and information about facilities used by the organization.


This menu item has several sub-items. The selections are ‘Member List’ which displays each members name, image, gender, home city and home state, ‘Member Search’ that allows a partial entry of first and or last name, the result shows the information for each member matching the search criteria, ‘Officers’ displays the information for the officers of the organization. There are also member lists by gender and player rating.


Any numbers of ladders can be created.  The number of days that are used to calculate the average is defined by the administartor.  The system will generate the forms for ladder play. The system will track the ladder results and display the round-robin results.  Playes can download the results to a PDF document if they wish.  An example of a ladder result is shown below:


This page displays club statistics depicted by pie charts and data grids. Gender and home state statistics are common for all organization types. Sporting clubs have statistics on players by player rating.


Links are hyperlinks created by the club administrator to sites that may be of interest to members.

The gallery functionality allows for the viewing of images and videos. The club administrator can define any number of galleries, each gallery can contain as many images or videos as desired. The administrator can name members that can be video contributors, allowing these members to upload images / videos.

Update Info

This page allows the logged-in member to update their personal information. The user can define what information will be displayed publicly.

Tournament Registration

Allows online registration for players / volunteers for tournaments that are defined in the system.  The cost of running a tournament is included in the low yearly fee.  From fun tournaments to sanctioned tournaments, there is unlimited usage included.

Management Functionality

In addition to the functionality show above for the public side of the application, the management side provides the following administrative features:

Tournament Definition
Define a tournament and tournament events for your organization.  The tournament information is accessible to the public.  There is functionality on the public side to register to play or referee in the definded tournament.  The administrator has access to a desktop application to manage the tournament.

Group Management
A group is a selection of members based on selected filters. The administrator can create any number of groups. There are two system defined groups; ALL and NON-PAY. Group lists can be downloaded to Excel or used as an email list. More on email capabilities are below.

View statistics for images and videos are available in the management suite.

Surveys can be created to poll your membership on any issue. When a member logs on and a new survey is active, the member will be redirected to take the survey if they have not previously taken the specific survey. Survey results can be viewed from the management suite.

When the club administrator adds a new member to the web site a welcome letter is automatically sent to the new member. The welcome letter is customized to include the site credentials and any other content the administrator wishes to include. The administrator can also define any number of email templates that can be sent out to predefined groups of members. There is an HTML editor that is used to create the email templates. An administrator can upload images to be used within an email. There is no limit to the number of recipients an email can be sent to.

Organization Types

There are three specific club types that have custom reports and fields for player ratings:


There is a generic organization type that does not have reference to the above, but is more suited for use by social clubs, home owner associations and organization directories such as churches.

Video Presentation (video does not contain information on the new tournament management system).

More Information

To obtain more information on the product or to schedule a webinar to go over the product, please contact us at (520) 407-5531.
The user guide contains current capabilites that have been added since the video was created.  Please download from below.

  (contains information on the new tournament management system)