A complete club and tournament management system.

An intuitive, powerful, easy to use tournament management system.

Welcome to Pickleball Plus TMS. An affordable alternative that offers electronic scoring, real time results, text message notification for referees as well as event participants

Electronic Scoring

Refs can concentrate on the game.

Real Time Results

Event status point by point.

Text Notifications

Refs and players are notified as courts are assigned.

If you manage tournaments...

Setting up a tournament and events is a snap.

Define the tournament and events in a matter of minutes.

The system offers multiple payment methods for your particpants.

Advanced Capabilities

Electronic Scoring

Referees can optionally keep score on phone or tablet.

If used, point by point status can be seen by public.

Drag and Drop Seeding

Easily change ordering of seed positions.

Transfer players to other events.

Match Assignment

Manage both courts and referees for each match.

Tracks time and matches for refs.

Match Statistics

Detailed information on event matches is available.

This information is available historically aslo.

Club Membership

Track members by gender, rating, etc.

Pictures help members put faces to names.

Club Management

Tracks member payments. Non-paying members are placed in email group.

Emails defined groups of members, ad-hoc group or all members.

Organizes club documents.

Calendar with events and event sign-up.

Anonomous survey capability.

Google map with location of all club courts.

And much more...

Our philosoply

We want to adapt the latest technologies to make Pickleball Tournament Management easier, while lowering the tournament costs.

We approach every area holistically, with best-in-class expertise in data, creativity, technology, search, social and more.