Consolidate your various apps into one unified application.

Electronic Waivers, Member Management, Event Registration, Court Reservations, Elections/Surveys, Email Management, Integrated Payment Processing and more.

Electronic Waivers

Your waiver is presented for signature at sign-up and renewal.

When signed, a PDF document is generated with a time stamp and sent to the club.

This manages your club liability with very little effort.

Member Managemnt

Maintain member ratings and rating sorces.

Tracks payment history.

CSV downloads for member and payment information.

Visual stats by gender and rating.

Automatically tracks member expirations and collects renewal payments.

Event Registration

Allows events like training, dinners, round-robins, shuttles, clinics, etc.

Can set to be recurring reducing administration time.

Can create events that are limited to skills levels and gender.

Allows for doubles registration and wait-listing.

Event registration can be limited to a pre-defined group

Court Scheduling and Reservations

Can support any number of centers (court locations).

Unlimited number of courts per center.

Easy to use interface to define recurring schedules and reservation blocks.

Can set time block size in minutes.

Allows for blocking out times for one time events.

Able to define start time for reservations.

Elections / Surveys

Anonymous Voting for board members or just membership surveys.

A Survey can contain any number of questions.

Each questions can have any number of posible choices.

Members are asks to vote on active survey(s) at login. They can skip, but will be prompted at login until survey completed or at survey end date.

Election results are summarized at end of period.

Email Management

Emailing can be done by group, entire membership, or selected meembers.

Groups can be created by Gender, Club Rating, or members can be chosen manually.

Each member list in the group can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Broadcast Emails can be delayed until a defined date and time.

Emails and recipients statistics are available.

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The club management component is $200.00 per year for under 100 members. After that it is priced at $2.00 per player per year.

Our philosoply

We want to adapt the latest technologies to make Pickleball Club Management easier, all in one inclusive package.

Pickleball Plus was designed to be a seamless, intuitive, robust platform for club management.